Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first visit?

The focus of your initial consultation is to attain all the information required to make an accurate diagnosis of the source of your symptoms and the underlying factors that may have caused it.

As such, a thorough history is taken and physical and neurological examinations are performed during our first session with all new patients. Please allow one hour for this process and bring in any information such as old X-Rays, CT or MRI scans which may aid us in gaining a better understanding of your case.

If it is our belief that we are unable to assist you with your complaint we will happily refer you to an appropriate provider for treatment or indeed further assessment by your general practitioner.

Do my bones really go out of place?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that bones and discs go out of place and that Chiropractors "put them back in". In practice what most Chiropractors treat are disorders resulting from gradually worsening stability of the spine.

The spine is an extremely complex series of joints and muscles which is controlled automatically by nerves in your spinal cord and brain. Just as your rate of breathing changes automatically depending on your level of exertion, your spine should brace and co-ordinate reflexively depending on what you are doing. In order to perform this task your nervous system must be able to accurately sense vertebral position and loading. Should this not be the case muscular imbalance and spinal instability can result, leading to injury of the tissues of the spine even with simple day-to-day activities.

Why are series of treatments often required initially?

Unfortunately by the time a patient first feels pain and realises that they have a spinal problem, in the vast majority of cases, there has been a deterioration of spinal control and stability for a significant amount of time, often years. This is no different to many health conditions where symptoms only occur later in the disease process.

At Geraldton Chiropractic Centre, our rehabilitation programmes are designed to reduce pain through improved spinal control and stability. Retraining the nervous system pathways involved with spinal strength and stability is a gradual process which requires repetition in the initial stages. When combined with appropriate spinal exercises, the beneficial effects of manipulative therapy are cumulative over time.

Is Chiropractic treatment safe?

Our patient's health is always our greatest concern. Safety in practice however is not simply concerned with treatment techniques and outcomes, but initially in an accurate diagnosis.

A thorough history and examination is undertaken on a patient's first visit to our clinic. In some cases referral for additional tests such as X-Ray and MRI imaging will be required. Information obtained allows the practitioners to make an accurate diagnosis and design an appropriate rehabilitation programme.

Occasionally patient's complaints are better treated by a medical practitioner, specialist or another allied health professional. In such circumstances a prompt and appropriate referral will be made.

Research into spinal manipulation has shown to be incredibly safe when administered appropriately by skilled clinicians. At Geraldton Chiropractic Centre we pride ourselves on the ability to use a wide variety of techniques ranging from the most gentle to manual vertebral manipulation. The choice of technique is always based on the patient's presenting condition and personal preferences.

Do you have clinics in other locations?

Yes, we operate regular clinics in Kalbarri, Dongara, Morawa and Three Springs. Our monthly Kalbarri services have been provided for close to 20 years and is run out of the Kalbarri Medical Centre. Our fortnightly clinic in Dongara is run from the Dongara Medical Centre. We visit Morawa and Three Springs on a monthly basis.

All appointments for our satellite clinics are made by contacting the Geraldton Chiropractic Centre front desk. For further information follow the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of our home page.

What are the clinic's COVID-19 provisions?

We have taken our health and hygiene responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis extremely seriously. To this end we have implemented a number of measures to bolster our already stringent hygiene standards, following guidance from the Federal Department of Health at all times. These initiatives include:

  • Patient screening prior to arrival at the clinic for signs of illness.
  • Thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces and equipment in the treatment rooms between patients using alcohol based disinfectant or Viraclean.
  • Regularly disinfecting surfaces in the reception area (including EFTPOS terminals) and bathrooms.
  • Providing contactless payment options.
  • Having patients wash their hands thoroughly on entry to the clinic and disinfecting their hands before leaving the clinic.
  • Reducing patient numbers in our waiting room to below that required, to meet social distancing recommendations.
  • Providing patients the option of waiting in their car until their treatment room is ready so as to prevent time in the company of other patients.